The legacy of a master strategist

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Thomas Schelling (1921 – 2016)


My coordination game answers:

  1. Name a mountain: Mount Everest
  2. Name a flower: The rose
  3. Name a place to meet in London: Big Ben.
  4. Name one side of a Dollar coin: Heads.

Other coordination games Schelling experimented with include the following (taken from Schelling 1960, p. 55-56):

  1. Circle one of the numbers in the line below. You win if you all succeed in circling the same number.
    7     100     13     231     99     55

2. Put a check mark in one of the sixteen squares. You win if you all succeed in checking the same square:

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 15.57.24.png






3. Write some positive number. If you all write the same number, you win.

4. Name an amount of money. If you all name the same amount, you can have as much as you named.

5. You and another person parachuted unexpectly into the area shown, each with a map and knowing the other has one, but neither knowing where the other has dropped nor able to communicate. Where do you meet?

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 16.01.50.png

Most common answers: 1: 7 (the first) or 100. 2: top left. 3:1. 4: One million. 5: At the bridge.


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